Weight Loss: The Problem with the Bathroom Scale

Free weight loss seminar in Thomasville GA
Free weight loss seminar in Thomasville GA

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This talk given by Phillip Hajek, MD explains how DXA body composition analysis is an essential part of safe weight loss.

The problem with measuring weight loss with the bathroom scale is that you don’t know if you’re losing fat or muscle—and that really, really matters.

Weight loss does not necessarily mean obesity reduction. Obesity reduction makes you healthier, while weight loss from muscle makes you less healthy and must be measured and protected against.

Dr. Hajek: “DXA Body Composition Analysis is the most reliable and accurate measure of health currently available. Without question, serial DXA scans provide the most comprehensive measure of healthy aging that exists.”

All are welcome – no RSVP required

This free event is expected to last around 45-60 minutes. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided; catering by JB Crumbs.

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*Sunday's scan proceeds will be donated to the Thomasville Humane Society

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