Franchise with BodyData

Our clients are:

  • Elite athletes
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Anyone interested in improving their health

Our franchise partners are:

  • Enterprising & resourceful
  • Passionate about health and fitness
  • Eager to help clients meet their goals

Using technology to transform lives

For 99% of people, obsessing over numbers on the scale, BMI, or the latest fad diet doesn’t deliver the results they’re after. Not for long, anyway.

BodyData offers accurate biometric insight into physical health and fitness using the most advanced technology available.

Hologic® DXA technology body composition analysis scanners are the pinnacle of densitometry technology: used by the NFL to assess draft picks, and by many other professional sports and medical organizations.

Armed with detailed measurements of lean muscle, visceral fat, and bone density, clients are able to identify potential health risks, optimize nutrition, and more effectively target their health and fitness goals.

Join the BodyData revolution

Our mission is to make life-changing DXA technology body composition analysis affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

We have franchise opportunities available nationwide.

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