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We offer body composition scans and analysis at our Albany location and at mobile scanning events in the area.

Why test body composition?

Body composition testing gives you a clear picture of what you’re made of by accurately measuring your lean muscle mass, adipose tissue (fat), and bone density.

When you have precise body composition measurements, you can use the data to improve your health. After your scan, we provide body composition analysis to give you meaningful, actionable information.

Benefits for athletes:

  • Optimize your training plan
  • Accurately calculate caloric needs
  • Monitor results of workouts or physical therapy

Benefits for everyone:

  • Get trustworthy baseline measurements
  • Set realistic fitness and health goals
  • Assess your long-term risk of diseases associated with visceral fat mass

Body composition scans using the latest in densitometry technology are the quickest, most accurate way to find out what you’re made of. An InBody scan at the gym can’t match our precision and consistency.

Body composition scan results showing lean muscle, adipose tissue and bone mass

Bone density

The medical-grade body composition scanners we use were originally developed for bone density tests, and are used to diagnose osteoporosis in hospitals. Whether or not you have a family history of osteoporosis, looking at your bone density scans over time gives you an important window into bone health, and your risk of low bone mass or fracture.

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