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Your first scan

A single scan is a great way to get your baseline numbers. Scan results are presented with insightful analysis so you understand how your data relates to health and wellness.

Measuring progress

You might feel like your diet or exercise program is working, but do you really know? Multiple scans are the best way to accurately track your results.

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Body Composition DXA Scan


Single DXA Scan

(15 minute appointment)

Bone Density DXA Scan


Single DXA Scan

(15 minute appointment)


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Composite image showing changes in body composition over 5 months

How tracking progress pays off

Regular DXA scans give you a detailed before and after (and after, and after). You can even focus on muscle and fat in so-called ‘problem areas.’

BodyData helps you make the most of your investment in a nutrition or training program. Build a database of personal biometrics to measure your progress and stay motivated.

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