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We make cutting-edge DXA body composition analysis scans accessible. No insurance, referral, or football scholarship required.

$99 - Body Composition DXA Scan

$99 - Bone Density DXA Scan

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  • Quantify lean muscle, fat & bone mass
  • Identify potential health risks
  • Monitor progress with confidence
  • Optimize your training & nutrition plan based on accurate, personalized feedback

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Empower your employees, colleagues & clients to proactively manage their health and fitness.

Discounted rates may be available for individuals affiliated with the hosting organization. Please contact us for more information.

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  • Strengthen client retention at your gym or training studio
  • Differentiate your health & fitness business from the competition
  • Motivate team members to start or maintain a workout regimen
  • Use improved scan results to negotiate lower health insurance premiums

See what you're made of

Your weight, BMI and other limited measurements can’t show the full picture. Only DXA technology body composition analysis scans give you precise and detailed biometrics from head to toe.

Measure What matters

BodyData scans provide critical information you can use to:

  • Optimize athletic performance
  • Monitor fat loss
  • Identify potential health risks
  • Proactively manage your health and fitness

How It Works

Achieve your best body

After your scan, you’ll get practical insights about your scan. When you understand your body composition you can set SMART goals. Then hit them.






Full body composition scan

Why scan?

  • Accurately measure lean muscle, visceral fat & bone density
  • Visualize & target your unique fitness needs
  • Identify long-term health risks for heart disease, diabetes, dementia & cancer

DXA body composition analysis scans are painless, quick and incredibly precise. The more you know about your body, the more power you have to improve it.

It’s safe. Dual energy absorptiometry (DXA) body composition analysis scans use extremely low levels of radiation – less than you’re exposed to in air travel.

It’s precise. For the most accurate results, wear clothes without metal (no buttons, snaps, metal zippers or underwires).

It’s fast. Actual scan time is 6 minutes. Allow 10-20 minutes for your appointment to cover positioning, analysis & review of scan results.

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